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It has always been my mission to inspire and empower more people to believe in themselves – To help make a difference to the lives of people who are suffering from Mental Health issues and provide invaluable support to those locally.

For me, it’s not just about empowerment and that is why I created The Mental Happiness Project. It’s about teaching people new skills that enable them to build their own resilience and self-confidence, whatever circumstances they may be in. To bring people together to a safe place, so they know they are not alone, a place they can celebrate their personal breakthroughs with others who have been through similar struggles, and to inspire each other to share their own stories of empowerment and victory.

The Mental Happiness Project gave me the opportunity to bring all my ideas and aspirations together, to develop an amazing interactive platform for self-development and self-empowerment for all young people and adults suffering from Anxiety, Depression and Stress. Most of the programmes I create and write are specialised in specific areas and are continually growing and evolving. This project bacame a real passion of mine mostly because it was bought about from my own personal challenges and experiences of Mental Health. And I came to realise that as long as I kept my mental focus on my mission to empower others to believe in themselves, I protected myself from being caught up in those moments of despair that threatened to surface at a very challenging time in my life.


Here is my story…

A few years ago, I found myself at my lowest ebb when I almost lost everything in my life….It’s a long almost surreal story, which came about after the family of the man I loved and was married to for 12 years, cruelly took him away from me when he developed Alzheimer’s, and refused me access to see him. It transpired, that their actions were based on lies, money and greed!! It was a long battle where I was forced to involve the police and eventually solicitors. And at one point I didn’t even know where I was going to live.

My future was uncertain. And my career in psychotherapy and Empowerment Coaching became more and more challenging as I tried to battle through my own emotions, as well as stay focused on my work.There were times while I endured endless battles with my husband’s family, that I had increasing suicidal thoughts where I just wanted the emotional pain to end….as they forced a divorce upon me…

Maybe one day I will write the whole story….but for now, this is just a fragment of what was to be a very surreal time in my life

Like many of us, I have wrestled with fear and anxiety myself in the past, fear of not being good enough, fear of being judged, and fear of not having what it takes to succeed in my endeavours……But that real dark place in my life was different and scary….In my mind I felt I didn’t have the right to be “weak”….after all I was the one who always fought on and never gave up…the unstoppable warrior….I was that successful coach who loves to empower people…give them a reason to live and believe in themselves….so how I could I confess that I could not cope anymore and wanted to die??!!

But in the midst of dealing with a considerable amount of negative change, emotional pain, disillusionment, and uncertainty….I somehow managed to stumble out of the darkness. It had taken every ounce of my strength and courage to step out beyond my comfort zone at that time, to reach out for help and support, because I felt so ashamed of my suicide attempt. It was there though, that I learnt the really important lesson of courage, where I discovered strengths within myself I had never even known existed.

I must admit it was really challenging…and I hit the floor many times on my journey….But through all the falls – and some more profound than others – I realised I was lucky enough to have the strength of my family around me and true friends, who, once I reached out to them….and told them I was struggling….folded their wings around me and gave me the strength to keep going…The courage I found through them, and the help of my psychologist friend and mentor, gave me the resilience, faith and incredible capacity, to get right back up again, to drive me on to continue my journey forward.

The realisation that I was not alone led me to push through the darkness and into the light again….albeit one step at a time….I was determined to never give up, whatever the circumstances. And that became my mantra…..Never give up, keep going forward! And I did, one step at a time…

And somehow I found the strength to overcome the doubts…to take on the challenges… and to grab the opportunities, that once upon a time I would never have even considered. By recognising all the struggles that had occurred up to that time, I was able to see, that through everything I had experienced, I had dared to hold on to my dream, my mission, and the Universe had heard me, and opened up the pathway to give me that window of opportunity

Suddenly I found myself like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis and discovered the amazing gift of just being uniquely ME. I was able to take a step back so I could rewrite my story. Giving me the courage to let my creative mind take flight and do the very thing that inspired me most… write new exciting programmes as an Empowerment Coach and help and support others going through mental health issues and devastating life struggles.

I had never really considered myself to be a leader, I had never even considered myself to be clever, or ambitious, but incredibly here I am pursuing a dream, in my own business, making extraordinary connections and embracing a realm of opportunities that are leading me forwards on an exciting mission, with a powerful mixture of faith and courage thrown in for good measure

Every experience I have now, is an experience that offers me opportunity and purpose. I have learnt to give things a go, just to see what happens, and I am often pleasantly surprised with the result I get. But in all of this I guess I can be thankful, that in order for me to get to where I am today, I had to dare to dream, and for that dream to be lit, I had to believe in myself……Because when I believed in myself, I could do anything!


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