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All these programmes tackle the many issues that relate to Mental Health in Adults and Young People. Each 1 month programme is specifically designed to empower and inspire, so you can achieve positive outcomes from challenging situations or life experiences. Each formula holds the secret to a better mind, a better body and a better you. Allowing you to rewire your own thought processes and bring out the absolute Amazingness in you.

And for those who want a little bit extra, and would like to increase their fitness levels, these programmes give you the option to combine this with some personalised training plans with one of our physical trainers. These training plans will enable you to achieve realistic goals within a set framework, to improve and strengthen your stamina and fitness. It does not matter what your goal is, as long as you are prepared to stick with your goals and fitness plans, and put the work in, you will get results and still have lots of fun doing it!

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This programme is specifically designed for Women of all ages, who are ready to do everything it takes – no matter how challenging – to make Positive Transformational Changes in their lives. It offers an holistic approach to Mind, Body and Spirit through Empowerment coaching as well as bespoke physical fitness training. And is skilfully designed to help you improve and strengthen your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Fitness at every level.


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This is an Empowerment Coaching programme specifically designed to help young people who have just left school, to Believe in themselves. You will discover how to work through any expectations, obstacles and anticipations in your life. To be able to let go of disempowering beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones. And you will learn how to ultimately develop powerful ways to implement your own needs and purposes into your different roles, to give you direction and meaning. Transforming your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

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The Secret to a Better Mind, a Better Body and a Better You



These programmes give you the power to cultivate your own self-love, so you can develop a better self-belief. You will discover how to challenge your fears, build your self-confidence and strengthen your mind, spirit and willpower through Empowerment Coaching. Guided Meditation exercises and Transformational Hypnotherapy will enable you to feel mentally stronger, so enabling you to release harmful stress and promote emotional health and inner peace. As a result, you will be able to break through those imaginary boundaries and go far beyond the realms of what you ever thought was possible.



The principal programmes our fitness trainers offer here, are a 10 or 12 session plan.  Alongside this, you will also receive the right Nutritional advice to help improve your eating habits so you can make healthy choices that compliment your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, feel fitter and healthier, or just look better or leaner, it is all about staying focused on your goals, keeping perspective on where you are, and always celebrating any improvements you make, however small or big they may be. This is not just a programme, it is a journey, your journey. A journey that is ever shifting, ever evolving. So like anything else in life, you must choose to put the work in, to achieve the results you want.



It is important then, to maintain your hunger for self-improvement. You are a human being who is always learning, and will remain learning and improving until the day you leave this earth. It is also important that you enjoy what you are doing. Anything you truly want in life, needs your determination and commitment to make it happen. To make the choice to change your approach and change your limiting beliefs. To appreciate your personal values, strengths, loves, and mission, and understand how they all fit into your journey of change.

If you are determined and committed to your journey of growth, then you must also create the space to formulate a plan and to build an unshakable belief in yourself. This will give you the enthusiasm and inspiration to take those steps forward and succeed in making the positive difference you want to make in your life, with courage and confidence.  Change can be exciting and powerful, when you have a set of strong convictions that support your goals and inspire you to initiate the success you would like to achieve. To believe in YOU.

To really excite you about the power of believing in yourself, and recognising the potential that change has for enhancing the whole of your life – Here are some of the results I’ve witnessed many times, with clients who have discovered how to initiate their own life changes through Empowerment Coaching and Physical Fitness Training:


  • Stronger Self-Belief
  • Happier
  • Fitter and Healthier
  • More Confident
  • More Resilient
  • Enduring Strength and Energy
  • More Courageous in your Goals and Aspirations
  • More Enthusiasm and Motivation
  • More Exhilarating Life Experiences.
  • More Being in the Moment
  • Better Opportunities
  • Significant Growth and Development
  • Stronger Relationships
  • Improved Communication
  • Better Problem-solving Skills
  • Fulfilling Careers
  • Embracing your Unique Personality and Character
  • And developing a Stronger Purpose and Meaning
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