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Our Ambassador – Clare Shanley

Our Ambassador, Clare Shanley would like to share a few words about her own experience with the Believe in You Programme:

“I first went to see Cathy for Coaching 5 years ago. Her coaching and the strategies she taught me completely changed my life, the view I had of myself and my future.

Many of us feel lost in life as we move towards the the end of school, unsure of what the future will hold. But it’s important not to let self-doubt hold you back. If you feel you need some support in gaining confidence and discovering your own unique pathway, then do not miss the opportunity to make an investment in your future, and engage in this transformational, unmissable course today.

My personal experience with the coaching process and the topics explored in this course, has given me the opportunity to work as a mentor alongside Cathy. This allows me to gain experience in mentoring and supporting other young people like myself – So I can support them through the course and empower them with the same strategies Cathy taught me.

This will provide each individual with the valuable development and growth they need, so they can build their confidence more easily and be empowered to step into their new career pathway with a strong self-belief.

I am really proud and excited to have been given this opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Believe in You Programme!! Now it’s my turn to let my own creativity shine!”


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