Exercise and Nutrition is just as important in this programme, as mental and emotional fitness. So there is a genuine purpose to ensuring that you develop a positive outlook on exercise and physical fitness, by exploring options for making your fitness regime enjoyable and energising. Having scheduled sessions with one of our trainers, helps promote accountability on your part, which will assist you in developing a steadfast plan in making exercise a regular part of your routine.

Believe it or not, exercise can be fun. It can help build your core strength as well as your self confidence. And working with a physical fitness trainer ensures that you commit and stick to your fitness goals, so you are far more likely to get the maximum results you want, with the maximum support. It’s like having your own personal angel on your shoulder inspiring and encouraging you on your journey forward. Keeping you on track, so you can successfully achieve your fitness goals with pride.

It is also important to note that training does not have to finish after the 10 or 12 sessions. So if you want to choose other goals or want to maintain the fitness levels you have already achieved, then you can discuss further fitness plans with your trainer after this programme has been completed.


Our Trainers

We have 3 Fitness trainers involved in this programme, who are all qualified instructors and highly experienced in designing and carrying out workout routines specific to your individual needs.

Mari-Carmen www.maricarmenfitness.com

Set in the heart of Leamington, Mari’s studio at home offers clients a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere/space to train. No waiting for equipment or worrying about the thought of training in a large commercial gym. Her studio is equipped with a large selection of dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. Battle rope, TRX, spin bike, bosu ball, medicine balls, slam balls, pilates balls, resistance bands and ViPRs. This keeps training varied, challenging and fun at the same time.

Mari also has a background of nursing, as an experienced paediatric nurse, therefore she has a lot of knowledge surrounding anatomy and physiology and how good/bad health and fitness can impact on this.

Alex Selbywww.alexselby.co.uk

Alex is a University graduated Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert. His brand new studio is located on the old high street in Kenilworth, just next to the abbey fields. The modern, clean and bright studio is a truly exceptional facility and is a brilliant alternative to gym environments. Alex’s main objective is to provide an exceptional level of service that is enjoyable and effective for anyone at any level, with guaranteed results.

Chiemeka Eribenne – www.bootybox.biz

With over twenty years of experience in boxing and combat sports, Chiemeka is passionate about personal fitness training. His bespoke physical training classes, provide a workout schedule specifically designed for women, to help them improve their muscle strength, stamina and fitness. Chiemeka works from Evolve Gym in Coventry, but he is also mobile so can come to your home or workout in the park.

Chiemeka also leads a very popular combat-based cardio workout class, called Bootybox.