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The Believe in You Ambassador

The Believe in You Ambassador

Our Ambassador – Clare Shanley

Our Ambassador, Clare Shanley would like to share a few words about her own experience with the Believe in You Programme:

“I first went to see Cathy for Coaching 5 years ago. Her coaching and the strategies she taught me completely changed my life, the view I had of myself and my future.

Many of us feel lost in life as we move towards the the end of school, unsure of what the future will hold. But it’s important not to let self-doubt hold you back. If you feel you need some support in gaining confidence and discovering your own unique pathway, then do not miss the opportunity to make an investment in your future, and engage in this transformational, unmissable course today.

My personal experience with the coaching process and the topics explored in this course, has given me the opportunity to work as a mentor alongside Cathy. This allows me to gain experience in mentoring and supporting other young people like myself – So I can support them through the course and empower them with the same strategies Cathy taught me.

This will provide each individual with the valuable development and growth they need, so they can build their confidence more easily and be empowered to step into their new career pathway with a strong self-belief.

I am really proud and excited to have been given this opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Believe in You Programme!! Now it’s my turn to let my own creativity shine!”


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Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog


It has always been my mission to inspire and empower more young people to believe in themselves. To help make a difference to the lives of those creative people who feel they have been missed, or left behind in life. It saddens me to hear young people telling me that their career advisor told them that they would not amount to much, or were unemployable because they did not do well in their exams. It is these young people who are then left to feel they have failed, causing them to feel anxious about their future prospects. Not only are they left feeling as though they are not good enough, then they have to cope with the struggles of anxiety, self-doubt and low self-esteem.

For me, it is not just about empowerment it is about teaching young people new skills that enable them to build their own resilience and self-confidence, whatever circumstances they may be in. To bring people together to a safe place, so they know they are not alone, a place they can celebrate their personal breakthroughs with others who have been through similar struggles, and to inspire each other to share their own stories of empowerment and victory.

The Believe in You Programme gave me the opportunity to bring all my ideas and aspirations together, to develop an amazing interactive platform for self-development and self-empowerment for all young creative people. Most of the programmes I create and write are specialised in specific areas and are continually growing and evolving year after year.

The idea of this Programme came about after speaking to many young creative people. Particularly those that had gone down the University route, but then opted out halfway through because they had found it was not really what they wanted. They told me that they had only gone down that pathway because they felt it was expected of them. Or that their friends were doing it. But all it did was contribute more to the anxiety they were experiencing and the uncertainty it was stirring up inside them.

These young people really worked best when they were more hands-on,  rather than writing essays and working on academic papers. They were the doers, the energisers, the creators and often the young entrepreneurs.  Their strengths were aligned with encouraging and empowering others. Their enthusiasm and imagination would give rise to new ideas and activities that mastered curiosity and progress. And it was this brilliance that I wanted to encourage, to enable them to seize and embrace and nurture their own unique brilliance because this came from the very core of their own values and passions. Something that was not fostered in school and often caused them to feel as though they were different, or not good enough!

And so this project became a real passion of mine, mostly because it was bought about from my own personal challenges and experiences in creativity and progress. And I came to realise that in empowering and encouraging these young creative people, I could help them harness the power of self-transformation so that they can learn to push past the barriers and create their own powerful vision that leads them towards positive change, and purpose and meaning. Every young person has their own story to tell. Now, through this programme, they have the creative power in their own hands….to achieve the incredible, and be proud of who they are, so they can discover their own uniqueness and let their creativity shine!

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