The secret to a better mind,
a better body and a better you

About the Programme

The Empowering Women Programme

Empowering Women, is a powerful 1 month programme specifically designed for women of all ages – Its formula holds the secret to a better mind, a better body and a better you. The core purpose of this holistic programme is to give you the power to cultivate your own self love and to strengthen your self-belief. So wherever you are in your life right now, you can discover how to get the very best out of yourself. And still have lots of fun doing it!!……

About the Programme

About Cathy

Cathy is passionate about empowering people to believe in themselves and their abilities. Like many of us she has had to work through a considerable amount of change and uncertainty during some very challenging times in her life. But the combination of courage and self-belief, led her to ultimately pursue a mission to create transformational programmes for everyone. A thriving mission that once upon a time she could only dream about….

About our Physical Fitness Trainers

Each one of our physical fitness trainers involved in this programme, are qualified instructors and highly experienced in designing and carrying out workout routines, specific to your individual needs. They will begin in evaluating your personal fitness level and goals, and then develop personalised training and nutrition programs that are simple and fun and will get you the results you want….

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