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About the Programme

The Empowering Women Programme

Whether you are just thinking about going back to work after having children; or changing careers; or maybe you are just starting out again after a divorce; or learning how to navigate your life through the menopause. Wherever you are in your life, discover how you can feel fabulous from the inside out, and confidently transfer your dreams and aspirations to reality…..

About the Programme

About Cathy

Cathy is passionate about empowering people to believe in themselves and their abilities. It was after having to deal with a considerable amount of change, emotional pain, disillusionment, and uncertainty, in the most difficult time in her own life, that she discovered the power of never giving up….  

About our Physical Fitness Trainers

With each one of our programmes, you have the option to combine a unique physical fitness regime to your plan. We have qualified instructors available, who are highly experienced in designing your own personalised training and nutrition programs, which are simple and fun and will get you the results you want….

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All About Me Programme

Have you just left School, or stepping into your new career path and want to build your self-confidence and improve your performance? This is a transformational learning platform with a difference. The difference being, it converts learning into a fun and adventurous journey. So you can learn how to get the very best out of you…..